Lunar Eclipse 2015

Lunar Eclipse 2015

This is my short story about the lunar eclipse the other night. There are a lot of really amazing pictures of this phenomena, and some people been really creative with dubble exposures and photoshop. I am trilled by some of them. Others are not that good.

Anyway.. I was out walking around sunset close to the place I often stay when in Norway working. My eyes was mostly on the sky. Weather been nice all day but some clouds was gathering. I was thinking to myself..well..thats that. Only 18 years till next time..I will be almost 70 but hell yeah..

Later that same night I was out again and was able to catch this picture. Not a bloodred moon but a supermoon. This was approc 11pm.

Even later... was really cloudy but I got some pictures of the eclipse... half a moon and half shadow. Clouds ruind most of the pictures so I haven really looked in to them yet. Insted I turned around and captured some stars

Then..around 5 am it was there. Big. Round and red! I was totally amazed.... so happy I stayed up the entire night.

Half an hour later the eclipse was over and the moon was big and white again


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