What do you expect!

What do you really expect from your photography when posting pictures on social media?

There is, and will always be, dicussions about this.

Thing is: Social media e.g. Facebook is not a place for getting creative feedback on your work. Some people expect this and ends up being very dissapointed at the end.

If you post a picture on social media you can, if the picture is good, get comments like; wow, nice click, good shot...and maybe; you could have made it brighter, cropped a bit on the right side etc.. My point is: Don`t expect anything when post on social media.Only your best work should be posted. Smile when you get likes or nice comments. Embrace comments you can learn something from.

If you really want someone to come up with good creative comments on your work; get yourself involved with a photo club.

(Mlen, Larvik)


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