Dance me to the end of day



As I parked my rental car at Orre beach on the Norwegian west coast one afternoon at the very back end of Easter, I noticed this couple. Not elderly, not young. From the backseat a dog came out as well.

This was a rather grey, and windy day. As it often seems to be this time of year around here. Anyways.. I had come to walk the sand-dunes and try capture some pictures of the combination; sea, sky, sand and people.

I let the couple with their four-legged friend walk in front of me and as I stopped to capture a wooden walkpath they dissapeared. Some minuttes later they showed up again. Walking their way towards the wind on top of this grass covered sand-dunes...

Well..walk is not the right word for it..hence they forced themselvs towards the wind and the dog was sniffing stuff all over the place is was more like a dance. Windy tunes and quick-step came to my mind

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