Boy in the tunnel

This is a well known scene from many photographs.

A dark tunnel with a blending light up front. Add a silhouette and there you go...

When I made my picture I wanted to add some to this cliche. First of all I wanted more than one person (silhouette) in the frame and was lucky to spot a couple holding hands and walking towards the tunnel from the other side. I checked my camera settings and did a test shot to be sure. My partners son was walking in front of me and as the couple entered the tunnel from the other side I told him to stop...focused on him, recomposed and pushed the shutter.

As I take all my pictures in RAW, it needs some work after the shutter is pushed. This is post processed in Adobe camera raw, NIK Silver Effex and Photo Shop

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Wenche - Glade Fotografer

01.09.2016 kl.17:28

S fantastisk bilde. Det gjelder jammen meg fange yeblikkene :)


01.09.2016 kl.18:46

Wenche: Tusen takk :)

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